Our Business

Unity Flexipack Global Private limited is the largest flexi packaging company in Chennai offering a wide range of Standardised as well as Customised– “Value Additions” from Coating to Printing for the Pharmaceutical and other commercial packaging requirements.

Aluminium Foils

We offer packing solutions in both plain and printed foils of all categories and of any sizes, be it in Aluminium blister, Alu Alu, Glassine Paper, Glassine poly including Polyester Poly Aluminium Laminated

Printing Single(1) To Six(6) Colors
Our state of the art infrastructure and experienced operators deliver high-quality printing from single to six colors including the most complex reverse printing solutions.

Coating Operations

VMCH Coating
We make specialized “In House Vinyl Acetate -Maleic Acid – Vinyl Chloride Co-Polymer (VMCH) Solutions” and offer V.M.C.H coating on Aluminium foil of different GSM thickness With online Shellac Wash in a single operation.

Aqueous Coating and PLA Coating
Food Industry packing to with stand solid / Liquid & Hot / Cold


1. Polyster Printing
2. Aluminium (Soft 9/12/15 Micron)
3. LDPE (40 – 75 Gsm)

Aluminium Ingots

1. Melting Aluminium
2. Ingots based on customer Requirements

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